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WAKEFORD GONG is a wedding, portrait and headshot photographer with a passion for bringing out the best in people.

People look their best in photos when they feel at ease. Wakeford has a talent for building rapport with people and making them feel comfortable. His unobtrusive style allows him to capture people as their most natural and beautiful selves.

“When photographing events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, baptisms, quinceaneras, etc., I like to use a combination of techniques. Sometimes it’s all about letting people do what comes naturally. At other times, I might ask people to pose or create an action for the photo. The important thing is to have fun while capturing the spirit of the event and its participants.”

To his work as a photographer, Wakeford brings a lengthy experience in the arts. He is a professional violinist, and he has an extensive portfolio in graphic design. He also works with the skill of a photojournalist; he will capture all the details and moments that make your event memorable.

“I fell in love with creative photography while working with video. Through the editing process, I found myself most fascinated by the still frame. The power of a single image to tell a story is immediate and compelling. Every time I take a photo, I approach it with a love of beauty and composition.”

How it works: In advance of the shoot, Wakeford sits down with you to discuss the kind of coverage you would like, what photos are must-haves, etc., and any other special needs you might want to mention. After the event, photos are processed and color-corrected, a process that usually takes a week or two. Then he sends you, on a CD-ROM or DVD, a broad selection of the photos in high-resolution JPG format which you can use to make prints at home, or take to a developer. Prints and albums can also be provided by special request.

“It’s been said that photos are always accurate. But they’re something more. They have the extra power to reveal something inside us that’s not readily seen. My aim as a photographer is to find and capture the unique beauty that each of us has within.”

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