Dragon’s Pond

It was great meeting Lily, one of the owner’s of Dragon’s Pond restaurant, and working with her wonderful staff. This was easily one of the most challenging lighting situations that I have had to work with. But in the end, I think we came away with some very nice shots.


The New SF Playhouse Theater

I was contacted by the SF Playhouse to take some marketing photos of their new theater space. They especially wanted to showcase their private lounge as a cozy and inviting space that VIPs could rent to hang out in with their guests for specific performances.


Headshot Session with Julie

I had the pleasure of meeting Julie Jigour, a brilliant young author, who needed a headshot for an upcoming event. This is the photo that we ultimately chose.


SF Playhouse Gala

This was a fun shot in the middle of the rush and excitement of covering SF Playhouse‘s 2012 Opening Night Gala. They had just moved into their new digs and SF Playhouse Producing Director Susi Damilano wanted to pose on this fabulous couch located inside an elevator for guests. We only had moments to get the shot before the doors opened again.


Gothic House

For years the house across the street lay dilapidated. Then a few months ago we saw construction crews slowly begin to repair the old Victorian. We didn’t think much about it after that until one day we woke up to discover this Gothic masterpiece. I immediately grabbed the camera and took the photo to which I applied the Instagram effect in Photoshop afterwards.

haunted house 2a

Athena Grill in Santa Clara, CA

My first foray into the world of food photography. The owner of Athena Grill, George Katsoulis was very gracious and easy to work with. In the end we got to taste some of the food which was delicious as well.

Shawn and Kirk’s Engagement Session

We woke up nice and early–at the crack of dawn–to celebrate Shawn and Kirk’s engagement. Traipsing the hills of Castro Valley, it was a privilege to document their love for each other.

DSC_0817aDSC_0756 DSC_1146b DSC_1872a DSC_1933 DSC_2067aDSC_2190x3

The Captain and the Lady’s Engagement

We had a fun adventure exploring San Francisco with this free-spirited couple, he a self-described pirate and she a wiccan priestess.

Sigrid and Jim’s Wedding

It was really inspiring to see how youthful and excited they were about getting married. And this was their second ceremony, their first being in Sigrid’s native Germany where her family was present.